Comic Book - Book Report

Comic Book Reading Assignment

Read a chapter book that is at least 50 pages. It may be a book that you have read in the past 2 weeks, a book you are finishing reading or a new book.

Your task is to make a comic book, summarizing the chapter book you just read. Your comic book should include: the title, author, your name, setting, characters, conflict (problem), resolution (the way the problem was solved), and dialogue bubbles. When I read your comic book, I should understand what your chapter book was about!

Students may choose to create the comic strip book in TWO WAYS

1. Students can choose to create their comic strip online and print it from there. It is ok if the characters don’t look like the characters in the book they read, I understand they have to choose the ones provided to them on the website. Click on the beginning few words of each sentence to access each website:

If you print from online, please print in BLACK and WHITE and have your child color in the comic with colored pencils and/or crayons.

2. Students can staple several pieces of paper together and create their own comic strip, using crayons, colored pencils or other mediums.

Students will see examples of this project in class.

Students will be graded on the following:

  • writing is neat and easy to read (or typed)
  • illustrations are carefully drawn (I know they will be kid drawings-I just don’t want it sloppy and I don’t want parents to do it!!)
  • if printed online, students have colored them in themselves
  • includes a character page at the beginning
  • includes setting
  • the student used “talking bubbles” to show dialogue
  • includes major conflict and resolution of conflict
  • indicates the title and author of the chapter book
  • work was done only by the student!
  • I can understand what the book was about

This project must be completed independently. Be creative, and have fun!

Due Date:

(points will be taken off for late or incomplete assignments)